Bronwen Stephens


Review, March 2015, 'Madre Germont', La traviata

“…a show which was a triumph, and I was seriously surprised by the quality of the singing….[the voices]  combined with a sophisticated grace which allowed the power and colour of each of the singers voices to complement the others. Bronwen Stephens’ performance of snobby ice queen mother Giorgia who hides none of her distaste for socially inferior Violetta was genuinely scary…”


Review, February 2015, 'Madre Germont', La traviata

The Trousered Traviata

"In the original, Germont is the catalyst in the crumbling of the young lovers’ relationship, and here it is Bronwen Stephens’ cold, impenetrable, unsmiling Giorgia who exploits Violetta’s self-doubt and vulnerability. Stephens is utterly convincing as the iron-fisted mother, reminding us that where class battles are concerned, women are just as capable of inflicting insult.


"Your voice is superb, and a delight to listen to, and you have a personality to match."

Monica Gubbay, Lauderdale Friendship Club

"Bronwen launched into her first song unaccompanied, bringing the room to a hush in just a few bars. People were mesmerised by the quality of her voice and her presence."
James Wilkinson, Private Event, Islington

"We really appreciated her guidance on the song choices, explaining the lyrics and the emotions of the songs."
Abrahams Wedding, Oxford